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Sketching on the run

Some of my quick sketches done on the run on my quick trip to Paris. Done in small pocket size notebook. Sketching for me helps in remembering a special place and a time #artmarxgallery#infreo#artworkshops#goldenartistcolors#silverbrushltd#watercolors#qorwatercolours#artistsoninstagram#margaretcoxallworkshops#bridgemanart#portcoogee

Memories are important

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The Subtle Art of Glazing with Acrylic paint

Acrylic paintings can be altered so easily by using a glaze.

What is a glaze? It can be used over an underpainted surface to either soften an area by using a more opaque paint or a transparent paint to enhance or change the temperature.

Using transparent acrylic glazes can transform a work from ho hum to wow. the trick is to know your transparent colours. Here I am using Nickel Azo Yellow from fluid paint from golden.

Make sure surface is try before glazing and use a soft brush such as Silverwhite