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Exhibition Western Australia

Upcoming exhibition and sale of paintings with Margarets latest Western Australian landscapes at City of
Cockburn Show Off 18 .

The Gorge
Reaching for the Light

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Painting in the Heat

Its been very hot these last few days and I have been working away at getting my artwork ready for display at the Brick Lane Gallery, London in March. Its been so hot these last few days that I keep on seeing the paint dry in front of my eyes. Thank goodness for Golden Paints Open products which have a slower drying time which also gives an opportunity to go back into the work.

Speed painting in the heat

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Sketching on the run

Some of my quick sketches done on the run on my quick trip to Paris. Done in small pocket size notebook. Sketching for me helps in remembering a special place and a time #artmarxgallery#infreo#artworkshops#goldenartistcolors#silverbrushltd#watercolors#qorwatercolours#artistsoninstagram#margaretcoxallworkshops#bridgemanart#portcoogee

Memories are important