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Grass trees , new work celebrating our wonderful bush colours
The Reef ocean waves move through the Reefs creating fascinating lacy patterns
The Reef ocean waves move through the Reefs creating fascinating lacy patterns
Bubbles rise up through shimmering layers of blue
Bubbles rise up through shimmering layers of blue and grees

These paintings come from my sketchbooks that I have maintained over the years from all around the world. Impressions of time and place and my response to them remain an important part of my practise

Confined spaces
Liminal Space

Liminal spaces are neither one one thing or another. Land and water, trees and the gaps between, built environments


Margaret Coxall

Known for her use of vivid colour, and contemporary feel for the landscape, many of her works are in private and corporate collections throughout UK, USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. Margaret enjoys working with designers and clients to develop bespoke artworks for a range of interiors.

Themes which are evocative of place and time include the sea in its many moods, exotic gardens and flowers, and landscapes. She enjoys exploring different techniques and subject matter to keep the creative spirit going.

Recently she was one of eighty artists from around the world invited by Golden Artist Colours Company to attend a conference in Florida, and to exhibit at the ART Miami-Basel Art Fair. As part of the conference, she attended workshops on the latest techniques and methods in teaching art. She says the sessions were inspirational and looks forward to sharing this information in future workshops.

She operates her own studio from which she conducts workshops, private tuition and master classes. Incorporating acrylics crayons, collage and watercolours she produces exciting and vibrant images. Her workshops and master classes are known for their innovative and supportive approach. She is a registered Golden Artist Educator and attended a course on Understanding and Using Colour at St Martins University of the Arts in London.

She is represented by Bridgeman Art Library, London, Paris, New York. Prints of her works are available from them.

Located in Western Australia, she has received the Centenary Medal for services to community arts and development, is listed in Who’s Who and is a member of Rotary International”