• Mining the memory archives

    Using old sketch books to play with images and find intriguing combinations /

  • Brush marks

    These brushes are versatile and I often use them for making small descriptive remarks such as small leaves and plant shapes

  • The glorious freedom of sketching

    Simple materials are best when sketching

  • Easy watercolour trees

  • Sketching on the run

    Some of my quick sketches done on the run on my quick trip to Paris. Done in small pocket size notebook. Sketching for me helps in remembering a special place and a time #artmarxgallery#infreo#artworkshops#goldenartistcolors#silverbrushltd#watercolors#qorwatercolours#artistsoninstagram#margaretcoxallworkshops#bridgemanart#portcoogee Memories are important

  • Sketching in the garden

  • Moon hangs from tree top

    Watercolour on paper. The moon seems to hand suspended from the branches Many glazes of QOR indigo and ultramarine watercolours to get depth in the dark

  • The Subtle Art of Glazing with Acrylic paint

    Acrylic paintings can be altered so easily by using a glaze. What is a glaze? It can be used over an underpainted surface to either soften an area by using a more opaque paint or a transparent paint to enhance or change the temperature. Using transparent acrylic glazes can transform a work from ho hum […]

  • Learning from the Masters- Van Gogh

    We can learn so much from studying Van Gogh’s works. the way he layers colours and uses brushmarks to add a sense of movement to the work. In this easy to follow video I show how to follow in his footsteps to paint your very own starry night

  • Watercolour Magic Workshop

  • Temple guardians.

    My latest work, memories of a night in Bali, soft light ,sculptures lit by moon